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In addition to leadership skills and professional development, students receive particular attention and are well trained to tackle all types of scientific problems...

Research Highlight

Research in the AJA Laboratory is strongly interdisciplinary…crossing disciplines and blending conventional organic synthesis techniques and photophysical & photochemical paradigms to devise alternatives approaches for energy applications, organic materials and sustainable chemical synthesis. While the AJA group research themes are inspired by fundamental and established concepts in organic photochemistry and photophysics, the use of cutting edge techniques and instrumentations to rationalize molecular interactions and transformations is paramount; for example, we aim at designing new organic chromophores and probing the mechanism of excitons migration/diffusion and annihilation/quenching upon photo-excitation in various media. 

Lab Spotlight

Young Ju won Best Poster Award at the 2nd Frontiers in Photochemistry Meeting in Nassau, The Bahamas

Young Ju’s poster “Synthesis and Photophysical Characterization of Triplet Donor-Acceptors Dyads” was ranked 3rd Best Posters at the 2nd Frontiers in Photochemistry meeting held in Nassau, The Bahamas February 22-55, 2020.

Recent publication in EuJOC from the AJA Lab

We recently published our work on the quinoidization of pi-extended acenes diimides with the goal of modulating their ground and excited state aromaticity and photophysics ” (link)

AJA Lab is recruiting new MS/PhD students

We have open spots for one (1) PhD and one (1) MS students…We welcome students who are interested in doing cutting edge research in chemical synthesis, photochemistry and photophysics to stop by our lab…also send an email to Dr. Ayitou.

Funding & Sponsors

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