• In our effort to promote diversity in the Chemical Sciences, AJA initiated the outreach program VISCUS = Vivifying Scientific Curiosity for Underrepresented undergraduate Students. Through this program, (female, African-American, Native American and Hispanics) students will receive personal development, teamwork, leadership and advanced lab (STEM research) skills that will help them be prepared and become successful in future endeavors. VISCUS Scholars will be trained in AJA and colleagues lab at IIT.
    VISCUS is supported by the National Science Foundation
    Students who want to participate in this program should email Jean-Luc [email]

  • VISCUS Program: Alysia Desimone (Undergraduate, IIT ELEVATE Scholar) will be working in AJA Lab under the mentorship of postdoc Naresh.
  • Former VISCUS scholars: Jomana Hatahet (B. Sc. 2017), Melisa Alkan (B. Sc. 2018), Paulina Kulyavtsev (Phys., IIT).

  • STEAMing Dialogue Lectures Series: With the support from the IIT Office of Community Affairs and the National Science Foundation, the AJA Lab coordinates lectures series for residents of the South Side of Chicago. The goals of these lecture series are to: (1) encourage/invite the faculty at IIT to present cutting edge scientific research to non-academics, (2) foster debates and camaraderie between academics and non-academics, and (3) inform the Bronzeville & surroundings on the current state of STEM Research and its outcomes for all.
    This program is supported by the National Science Foundation

  • ACS Poject SEED: AJA is awarded a summer research grant to support two high school students (from Southside Chicago) for a summer internship in our lab.
    HS Student Makaela Johnson (SEED Scholar) spent 6 weeks in the AJA|lab working on Biphasic Photocatalysis Project. 

  • AJA|lab also hosted a HS student intern (Akash Kumar) this summer  as part of the Chicago area SPARK program.