Energy Transfer: Excitons migration and Annihilation

Using advanced spectroscopy tools, we investigate energy transfer in organic solid materials. Photo-excitation of a new class of organic chromophores of our interest creates excitons that could migrate or diffuse via various mechanisms. In this picture, we aim at elucidating these processes and envision to understand the quenching and annihilation mechanisms of excitons in various media.


Nanostructured Organic Materials

We design new functional 2-dimensional organic networks with stimuli responsive properties…other potential applications include sensing, photoluminescence based nano-patterning and drug delivery.

Nanostructured Networks


We understand the environmental impact of today’s chemical industries that utilize conventional organic synthetic protocols…The AJA group approach to devise sustainable protocols for the synthesis of valuable chemicals is to introduce a transformative and innovative aqueous phase photocatalysis with the emphasis on the 12 principles of Green Chemistry. We intend to utilize the innovative photochemical protocol to synthesize bio-active molecular building blocks, natural products and macromolecular assemblies.



  • Andrey Rogachev (Illinois Institute of Technology)
  • Gary Wiederrecht (Center for Nanoscale Materials @ Argonne National Laboratory)
  • David Gosztola (Center for Nanoscale Materials @ Argonne National Laboratory)
  • Oleg Poluektov (Argonne National Laboratory)
  • Steffen Jockusch (Columbia University)
  • Ishaque Khan (Illinois Institute of Technology)
  • Gonzalo Jiménez-Osés (University of La Rioja, Spain)
  • Byron Watson (Northwestern University)