The AJA Group meets on Fridays for research updates and to survey recent literatures that pertain to our group research themes.

Spring 2018 Group Meeting Schedule

Date Research Literature Safety Check & Misc.
 01-12-2018 Manoj  Siamak Cynthia
 01-19-2018 Siamak Cynthia Manoj
 01-26-2018 Cynthia Manoj Siamak
 02-02-2018 Melisa Paulina Zhengyu
 02-09-2018  Siamak  Zhengyu  Cynthia
 02-16-2018 Manoj Cynthia Manoj
 02-23-2018 Paulina Melisa Siamak
  03-02-2018  Cynthia Manoj Zhengyu
  03-23-2018 Manoj Siamak Cynthia
  03-30-2018 Zhengyu Cynthia Manoj
  04-06-2018 Siamak Manoj Siamak
  04-13-2018 Manoj + Young Ju Young Ju Zhengyu
  04-20-2018  Cynthia Siamak Cynthia
  MM-DD-2018 Manoj + Young Ju
  MM-DD-2018 Siamak